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Unique Practice with Physical Therapy, Chiropractic, Massage Therapy and Nutritional Counseling Services in Vero Beach, Florida.

 Welcome to Active Lifestyles Wellness and Performance Center.   Dr. Res is the only known doctor in over 100 mile radius to be both a chiropractor and physical therapist and uses both skill sets to address your issues. He leads a team of professionals to conservatively treat all orthopedic and neurological conditions.

At Active Lifestyles, we provide chiropractic, physical therapy,massage therapy and nutritional counseling for all who are interested in improving their physical health and well-being. We offer all these services in a professional atmosphere and tailor our treatment to meet individual needs. We treat a variety of physical conditions including but not limited to back or neck pain, carpal tunnel, shoulder, ankle and foot problems.  Dr.Res has attended courses and was certified in Spine, Lower  and Upper extremity Active Release Technique.

Furthermore, we go beyond helping your pain, we can assist you with improving your health through nutrition and supplementation so you can naturally be less dependent on your medicines. For the athlete who wants a natural edge in sports performance, we can help you excel.

What makes us different than the competition?

  • Private treatment rooms offering individualized attention.
  • A one-stop shop for conservative treatment for all musculoskeletal and neurological conditions using chiropractic, physical therapy, nutrition and massage therapy.
  • Low volume practice which means more face-to-face time to discuss your problem.

Testimonial 11/17

Dear Dr. Res:I must write a few words of thank you. You have so many times put me back to my original from back, arms, and head injuries, etc. You are the best chiropractic and physical therapy fixer in Vero Beach. Also thanks to Kristen and Brandy for their great services as well. I miss you seeing you all but for now I am whole again. Love to all.

...Deena M.

Testimonial  08/17

I came to Dr Res discouraged after a fairly long, painful, unsuccessful treatment for lower back and hip pain. After actually listenening to me describe my pain, he prescribed and implemented a treatment plan concluding with exercises that I can continue to do at home. The ultimate goal was not only to alleviate the pain, but to be able to get on with an active lifestyle. He is extremely knowledgeable and personable; and instilled the treatments with encouragement and interesting nuggets of advice without seeming condescending or preachy. I was able to replace several medications with a recommended supplement which has given me great results. I looked forward to my visits with him and his wonderful staff, and have to say I was a little sad when the treatments came to and end because the pain had subsided(although my golf game has not improved any). I definitely recommend Dr. Res and the staff to my friends and anyone else who will listen.

...Lynn J.

Testimonial 05/17

I had lived with intractable, high level musculoskeltal pain in my neck, shoulders and spine for most of my adult life. For many years I relied on daily high doses of narcotics to help control the pain. On recommendations from a friend, I went to Active Lifestyles. I was thinking it was probably going to be yet another disappointment in my quest for improved mobility and pain relief. After just one treatment with Dr. Res I felt definite improvement. After a few weeks of treatment my mobility, strength and endurance icreased dramatically. In addition, my multi-years narcotic dependence has decreased over 80%! I highly recommend Dr. Res and his staff at Active Lifestyles. I am very thankful that I sought their help. Active Lifestyles has had a huge positive impact on my quality of life. Thank you Dr. Res, Brandy and Kristen!

....Janet F.

Testimonial 02/23/16

After 1.5 yrs of discomfort in the muscle of my lower legs and after seeing am orthopedic physician, , a rheumatologist, a sports medicine doctor, and trying acupuncture, you were the one doctor who was able to help me and bring relief. ...Laurie T., Ph.D.

Testimonial 09/07/16

I had severe pain in both shoulders for a period of 2 years. My doctor gave me a shot and prescribed physical therapy, but the pain persisted. My neighbor referred me to Dr. Res, after his treatments, my pain is gone, and I can play golf, swim, and enjoy life again.Dr.Res, John, and his staff explained every aspect of my treatments. They are kind, compassionate, and they made each office visit a pleasure. I highly recommend Dr. Res and his staff. They are the best...Leo M.


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