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Unique Practice with Physical Therapy, Chiropractic, Massage Therapy and Nutritional Counseling Services in Vero Beach, Florida.

 Welcome to Active Lifestyles Wellness and Performance Center.   Dr. Res is the only known doctor in over a 100 mile radius to be both a chiropractor and physical therapist and uses both skill sets to address your issues. He leads a team of professionals to conservatively treat most orthopedic and neurological conditions.

As a nation, we are all acutely aware of the devastation Covid-19(coronavirus) has created both in health and financially. We encourage everyone to follow some basic guidelines during these difficult times to minimize the spread so we can all go back to some normalcy ASAP. We would like everyone to consider:

1. Washing your hands for 20 seconds with soap and water at least once an hour and upon entering your home and just prior to meals.

2. Avoid unnecessary social situations that can be postponed to a later time.

3. Consider changing your clothes prior to entering your home if you been any where your clothes had contact with any surface. Keep your indoor life separate form your outdoor life( indoor clothes vs outdoor clothes).

4.Gargle with mouthwash or salt solutions several times per day.

5. Wipe clean with disinfecatnts all common surfaces twice daily e.g. door handles.

At Active Lifestyles, we provide chiropractic, physical therapy,massage therapy and nutritional counseling for all who are interested in improving their physical health and well-being. We offer all these services in a professional atmosphere and tailor our treatment to meet individual needs. We treat a variety of physical conditions including but not limited to back or neck pain, carpal tunnel, shoulder, ankle and foot problems.  Dr.Res has attended courses and was certified in Spine, Lower  and Upper extremity Active Release Technique.

Furthermore, we go beyond helping your pain, we can assist you with improving your health through nutrition and supplementation so you can naturally be less dependent on your medicines. For the athlete who wants a natural edge in sports performance, we can help you excel.

What makes us different than the competition?

  • Private treatment rooms offering individualized attention.
  • A one-stop practice for conservative treatment for all musculoskeletal and neurological conditions using chiropractic, physical therapy, nutrition and massage therapy.
  • Low volume practice which means more face-to-face time to discuss your problem.

Testimonials( Larger print Testimonials Click here)

Testimonial 10/20

After injurying my shoulder and being referred to ( Active Lifestyles) physical therapy, from the moment I entered the office I felt I was in the right place.  Being a visually impaired person, the office staff were wonderfully helpful.  We got through the usual paperwork, I was asked the questions and responded.  I never felt rushed in any way.  The actual therapist ( Jennifer) was incredible.  She was friendly, talkative...we had a great time.  She did work me hard but with great respect.  Given that I needed physical therapy, I could not have been in a better place.  If you need physical therapy, I would highly recommend Active Lifestyles. They really seem to care.  Thank you Active Lifestyles.

James O.

Testimonial 08/20

Thank you Dr. Res and Team, for your excellent physical therapy and care. I truly thought I wouldn't survive the pain with my shoulder. Facing rehabilitation physical therapy, after surgery, was really tough,  yet I knew after my first appointment that I was in the right place. Your efforts were phenomenal and your skill unparalleled. The pain was significant and yet after each appointment, I knew we were making progress. Having my shoulder " lock down" was something I never anticipated happen to me. There is no question that my recovery would not have been as successful had it not been under your care. You never left my side and overwsaw and sherperded each motion and movement. I never knew gaining a one-quater inch o mobility, at a time, would be a struggle. Your judgement in knowing when to advance to the next level of PT kept me going at a pace which I could bear while moving me toward a positive outcome.

I sincerely thank you as I am now able to live an active life again. You are the quintessential professional, highly qualified in your profession, and have surrounded yourself with an exceptional team. I am in your debt for your excellent care and truly amazing results.

Susan W.

Testimonial 01/20

I have fairly severe stenosis in my C4 and 5 vertebrae with quite a bit of pain and limited neck rotation as well as weakness in my left shoulder.  I went to see a spinal surgeon and he said if surgery worked, I would still have considerable amount of pain and limited motion.  He recommended against surgery but thought therapy would make a big difference and referred me to Dr. Res. I went to Dr. Res for an evaluation and liked his demeanor and his prescribed regimen and goals. I went three times a week for 6 weeks, doing my home exercises as prescribed twice a day the entire time.  I began to feel the difference within a few days and now after six weeks I have regained 70 % of my neck rotation ability.  I can see behind me when backing up my car without turning my entire body or with a slight twist and just turning my head.  The pain is 60% less than it was before I started therapy with Dr. Res.  I continue my home exercise regimen to maintain the levels I have attained and work towrds even more neck rotation and decreased pain.  Dr. Res was able to really help me without the pain or stress of surgery and with a positive outcome.  I don't know if he can help everyone for all ailmnets but I highly recommend him for his expertise.  His staff ( Kristen and Crystal) are friendly and helpful. Thanks.

...Jens T.

Testimonial 01/20

I was referred to Dr. Res after receiving a shot in my back to relieve my constant pain .  I was miserable, and unable to maintain my usually very active lifestyle,  even after the injection .  Before trying any further invasive procedures ,  I decided to give Active Lifestyles a try .  Dr Res is extremely thorough , knowledgeable, and truly cares about each patient’s recovery .  I have been to several other chiropractors,  and they always seem to rush you in and out after the initial consultation and visit .  Dr Res is always thorough and never rushes through his appointment.  His goal is to get you better - not keep you coming back to his office forever .  I am now able to paddleboard , run , spin, and lift weights again .  I am so greatful that I was able to find this fantastic practice . 

Marion S.

Testimonial 09/19

I recently moved to Vero Beach after having had scoliosis surgery in January. I did well after my surgery but, after 5 months, started having pain in my left hip area and leg when standing from a seated position and walking.  I was fortunate to be referred to Dr. Scalabrin at Active Lifestyles Wellness and Performance Center for physical therapy.  She expalined to me that my muscles needed to be retrained due to my changes in posture after the surgery.  I am now able to stand and walk without pain and have been educated on how to continue to exercise in the proper way to maintain the progress I have made. Dr Scalabrin is very professional, yet warm and caring as well. Also, Kristen, the office manager, is very friendly and helpful.  I highly recommend this practice.

Suzanne S.

Testimonial 08/19

Active Lifestyles Wellness & Perfromance Center , 1st choice for Physical Therapy.                            I was referred to Active Lifestyles by a neurosurgeon because of issues with my lumbar spine. I had 3 choices to treat a nagging pain and he recommended physical therapy. At first I was a little skeptical but after meeting Jennifer Scalabrin, the therapist, I was more relaxed. I found Jennifer to be professional and pateint over the 6 weeks I spent at Active Lifestyles. She worked with me doing a number of exercises and treatments which has helped my discomfort immensely.  Kristen , the office manager was also very professional, pleasant and accomodating when scheduling my appointments. I could tell after spending some time in medicine, Krsiten was knowledgeable in her job. Kristen and Jennifer answered all my questions about insurance coverage, physical theray and what to expect after 6 weeks. I was not disappointed with Active Lifestyles and highly recommend them for treatment.

David A.

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Call 711 for persons with disabilities.


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