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At Active Lifestyles, we encourage our patients to write a testimonial on their experiences here with us.

Below are some testimonials from patients and MDs who have had a relationship with us.

Testimonial 01/20

I was referred to Dr. Res after receiving a shot in my back to relieve my constant pain .  I was miserable, and unable to maintain my usually very active lifestyle,  even after the injection .  Before trying any further invasive procedures ,  I decided to give Active Lifestyles a try .  Dr Res is extremely thorough , knowledgeable, and truly cares about each patient’s recovery .  I have been to several other chiropractors,  and they always seem to rush you in and out after the initial consultation and visit .  Dr Res is always thorough and never rushes through his appointment.  His goal is to get you better - not keep you coming back to his office forever .  I am now able to paddleboard , run , spin, and lift weights again .  I am so greatful that I was able to find this fantastic practice .

Marion S.

Testimonial 09/19

I recently moved to Vero Beach after having had scoliosis surgery in January. I did well after my surgery but, after 5 months, started having pain in my left hip area and leg when standing from a seated position and walking.  I was fortunate to be referred to Dr. Scalabrin at Active Lifestyles Wellness and Performance Center for physical therapy.  She expalined to me that my muscles needed to be retrained due to my changes in posture after the surgery.  I am now able to stand and walk without pain and have been educated on how to continue to exercise in the proper way to maintain the progress I have made. Dr Scalabrin is very professional, yet warm and caring as well. Also, Kristen, the office manager, is very friendly and helpful.  I highly recommend this practice.

Suzanne S.

Testimonial 08/19

Active Lifestyles Wellness & Perfromance Center , 1st choice for Physical Therapy.                           

I was referred to Active Lifestyles by a neurosurgeon because of issues with my lumbar spine. I had 3 choices to treat a nagging pain and he recommended physical therapy. At first I was a little skeptical but after meeting Jennifer Scalabrin, the therapist, I was more relaxed. I found Jennifer to be professional and pateint over the 6 weeks I spent at Active Lifestyles. She worked with me doing a number of exercises and treatments which has helped my discomfort immensely.  Kristen , the office manager was also very professional, pleasant and accomodating when scheduling my appointments. I could tell after spending some time in medicine, Krsiten was knowledgeable in her job. Kristen and Jennifer answered all my questions about insurance coverage, physical theray and what to expect after 6 weeks. I was not disappointed with Active Lifestyles and highly recommend them for treatment.

Testimonial 05/19

I feel like a new woman-thanks to you Dr. Scalabrin and Dr. Res. I came to you "broken" with several issues-tingling in the left arm, inability to walk without pain in my right hip AND balance issues. After several weeks of physical therapy, I am back to myself-returning to a light exercise routine and restorative sleep. You have made a significant difference in my day-to-day life! Thank you!

Hoyetta W.

Testimonial 04/19 (Sent to Dr. Munz and copied to us)

A brief letter to advise and update your office on my post-surgical recuperation. I have been doing extremely well following your injection of my S-I joints and referral to physical therapy at Active Lifestyles.  Imediately following the injections, I experienced great pain relief and ability to move around in almost complete comfort.  I can't say enough about the treatment I received from Doctor of Physical Therapy, Jennifer Scalabrin, at Active Lifestyles. I am very grateful to be where I am today. Thank you for your attention.

Walter F.

Testimonial 03/19

A big thank you goes out to Dr. Res, Dr. Jennifer Scalabrin, Kristen and Brandy of Active Lifestyles Wellness and Performance Ctr of Vero Beach for my most recent care.A special thank you to Dr. Jennifer Scalabrin for guiding me through the last 2 months of therapy for my L4-5 herniated disc. I am back to standing, walking and even a little running. The knowledge she has reagrding myb type of injury enabled her to develop the correct exercise program and has enabled me to get from that very dark and painful place to a happy and more functional lifestyle today. She exercised professionalism, compassion and care during each session while having a smaile on her face at all times. I am now confident that if I continue with my maintenance program, I should continue to be a healthier person both physically and mentally. I highly recommend Active Lifestyles to anyone in need. Thank you all.

Joe M.

Testimonial 02/19

Several years ago I was directed to go to Active Lifestyles by my doctor. Dr. Res, over the next 3 or 4 weeks, gave me physical therapy and a number of exercises to ease the pain in my back. Dr Res and his staff were professional, competent and freindly, greatly improving my quality of life. At the end of last year 2018, I returend to Active Lifestyles because my back pain had returned. I was rewarded with Jennifer Scalabrin, who was put in charge of my recovery. She took me in hand, giving me treatment, masages, and a slightly different set of exercises to follow. She, not only gave me relief from my back problem, but was knowlegeable and caring. I would highly recommend Jennifer to anyone needing professional attention.

Seth B.

Testimonial 06/18

Being physically active all of my life, I was very upset when the MRI showed I had 2 rotator cuff tears in my right shoulder.  I am a snow bird and always look forwrd to the winter months in Florida where I can be outside playing tennis and at night playing pingpong at the local Vero Beach Table Tennis club. Trying to avoid surgery I thought I would give physical therapy a try. Thanks to a referrral from a woman at my church about 4 years ago, I discovered Dr. Res and this year Dr. Jennifer Scalabrin.  Not only have I been able to play tennis( underhand serve and 2 handed backhand) and pingpong, but my range of motion has improved and the pain has diminished.  I am continuing the exercises at home when I am back in New Jersey.  I can't thank them enough and their staff for helping me enjoy my senior years in Florida.

...Jackie T.

Testimonial 06/18

I want to thank you for the excellent and professional care you provided me.  My back, hip and foot pain have significantly improved.  I can now proceed with my travel plans!  Also thank you to Brandy and Krsiten for always being so accomodating and cheerful.  Thank you all for your sincere caring and concern!

...Linda M.

Testimonial 05/18

I want to give a big shout out to Dr. Jennifer Scalabrin of Active Lifestyles. I just completed very successful sessions with Jennifer.  Before therapy I was in such a state that sciatica was preventing me from completing my daily walks with our dogs. She started therapy very simply at first then added more and more exercises with each session.  She explained each movement in detail so that I was using my muscles correctly.  She is very thorough and very skilled with acupressure which helped to move my progress along immensely.  I looked forward to every session.  Now I'm glad to say that my back pain is gone!  I will keep doing the exercises she taught me so well. Thank you Dr. Jennifer Scalabrin and Active Lifestyles! (My dogs thank you too.)


Testimonial 03/18

Dr Res and Chrissie

When one comes to realize the value, education and attentiveness required to obtain and attain good health, one realizes the importance of professional, mindful folks like you.    If you recall,  I showed up at Active Lifestyles thru a referral from a neighbor.  I was hobbling around with rather sharp pain in my foot.   Dr Res, you diagnosed me pretty quickly with heal spurs and planter fasciitis.    After several weeks of physical therapy and dedicated exercises, the sharp pain started to soften and healing began.    I am now relieved of that pain. Throughout this process, you were understanding and educating me about the nutritional program you offer there at Active Lifestyle.    I'm now on board with that program and have found incredible success with weightloss, but most of all with feeling so much lighter of spirit and am overall happier.  I've lost 12 lbs in a month.   I'm continuing the program as I'd like to release more of the weight I've been carrying around for far too long.    With great appreciation for all you folks do. 

...Y J S

Testimonial 11/17

Dear Dr. Res:I must write a few words of thank you. You have so many times put me back to my original from back, arms, and head injuries, etc. You are the best chiropractic and physical therapy fixer in Vero Beach. Also thanks to Kristen and Brandy for their great services as well. I miss you seeing you all but for now I am whole again. Love to all.

...Deena M.

Testimonial  08/17

I came to Dr Res discouraged after a fairly long, painful, unsuccessful treatment for lower back and hip pain. After actually listenening to me describe my pain, he prescribed and implemented a treatment plan concluding with exercises that I can continue to do at home. The ultimate goal was not only to alleviate the pain, but to be able to get on with an active lifestyle. He is extremely knowledgeable and personable; and instilled the treatments with encouragement and interesting nuggets of advice without seeming condescending or preachy. I was able to replace several medications with a recommended supplement which has given me great results. I looked forward to my visits with him and his wonderful staff, and have to say I was a little sad when the treatments came to and end because the pain had subsided(although my golf game has not improved any). I definitely recommend Dr. Res and the staff to my friends and anyone else who will listen.

...Lynn J.

Testimonial 05/17

I had lived with intractable, high level musculoskeltal pain in my neck, shoulders and spine for most of my adult life. For many years I relied on daily high doses of narcotics to help control the pain. On recommendations from a friend, I went to Active Lifestyles. I was thinking it was probably going to be yet another disappointment in my quest for improved mobility and pain relief. After just one treatment with Dr. Res I felt definite improvement. After a few weeks of treatment my mobility, strength and endurance icreased dramatically. In addition, my multi-years narcotic dependence has decreased over 80%! I highly recommend Dr. Res and his staff at Active Lifestyles. I am very thankful that I sought their help. Active Lifestyles has had a huge positive impact on my quality of life. Thank you Dr. Res, Brandy and Kristen!

....Janet F.

Testimonial 02/23/16

After 1.5 yrs of discomfort in the muscle of my lower legs and after seeing am orthopedic physician, , a rheumatologist, a sports medicine doctor, and trying acupuncture, you were the one doctor who was able to help me and bring relief. ...Laurie T., Ph.D.

Testimonial 09/07/16

I had severe pain in both shoulders for a period of 2 years. My doctor gave me a shot and prescribed physical therapy, but the pain persisted. My neighbor referred me to Dr. Res, after his treatments, my pain is gone, and I can play golf, swim, and enjoy life again.Dr.Res, John, and his staff explained every aspect of my treatments. They are kind, compassionate, and they made each office visit a pleasure. I highly recommend Dr. Res and his staff. They are the best...Leo M.

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